Happy Birthday Edie!

Today I was going to post about our sick cat woes.  (some of you have followed the saga on facebook…)  :)  But then I discovered that today is Edie’s birthday.  And this link party is happening.  I’ve never “linked up” before.  I love blogs, but I’m not a pro-blogger.  But this time I want to be a part of things because I adore Edie.  I adore her style, her words, but mostly her heart.  She has created a home for many of us on the net… a place to go for comfort, encouragement, warmth, challenge, truth, inspiration.  I’m supposed to link you up to one specific post I loved, but I can’t pick.  I already linked when I posted her “Santa Claus Theology”, but the recent ones dealing with loss (a fire consumed their home and all their worldly possessions right before Christmas) have been very  impacting as well.  

Blogs are weird.  Someone can be your mentor and friend and bless your life in insane ways, and never even know you exist…  I cried when I learned she lost her home, her beautiful, inviting, love-filled home.  I want to call her up, give her a hug, replace one of her favourite books.  And to her I’m a complete stranger.  It’s weird, but I love that.  In a world where so many women are too busy to be mentors, God has provided a way.  Wish I could repay her blessing on my life… but I know God is taking care of her.

Anyway, go to her blog, check it out, fall in love with her, pray for her, wish her a happy birthday…

4 Comments On This Topic
  1. Leelaa
    on Jan 4th at 9:31 pm

    Facebook???? I thought you gave that up… it didn’t last?

    • Christa
      on Jan 5th at 12:22 pm

      I did from March to Sept. But then I joined again when we began leading the youth so I could keep in contact with the students better.

  2. edie
    on Feb 12th at 5:08 pm

    hey sweet friend!
    so nice to meet you. thank you for taking the time to encourage like this. and yes, blog world is so strange but so wonderful. i’m humbled and so grateful for your words here. i needed them today, one of the hard days, full of tears and doubt.
    bless you.

    • Christa
      on Feb 12th at 10:34 pm



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