Sleepy Saturdays

I’m discovering the trouble with blogging is that there can be some pressure to be or do interesting enough things to continue creating new posts. But we’re Sodemans, in London Ontario. Most days life just…is.

Take for example today…

I stayed up too late last night (it was totally worth it – super fun girls night!!), but when the kids were awake before 7am I was NOT feeling very chipper.

And this did not help. My precious coffee.


I yelled when it happened and Jon was concerned I had burnt myself. Then he saw my face and realized I had just pulled a “Christa”. Biggest klutz ever.

Bliss. (for everyone except Paris, she ran away a few rough cuddles later.)

On slow Saturdays when there isn’t anything else to do we pack the kids in the car, drive through Timmies, and then wander around PetSmart and Old Navy. We need to start switching up the order though, because by the time we get to Old Navy (the part Jon and I like), the kids are done and we end up frustrated. Oh well. I’ll sneak out later when they go to bed to make use of my 30% off coupon.


Just for the record, Justus dresses himself before I even wake up.  I didn’t put together that outfit, or put his pants on backwards (thankfully not noticeable in these pics).  🙂

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