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The OTHER mirror…

Sorry for the radio silence. I meant to blog what I did with the second mirror on Saturday, but… Smorgasports happened.  Jon was playing in a fun tournament on Saturday morning when I got a call that he had hurt his ankle and I needed to come pick him up. Thankfully a few hours in emerg confirmed that it is just a really bad sprain. But since then there has been a lot of this happening:
He’s doing ok, but still not able to put much weight on it, the swelling is still pretty significant and the bruising is really setting in. My love CANNOT get the hang of crutches, so he is having a hard time getting around and we are hoping it heals quickly. Until then I will get in every cankle crack I can… 🙂

Anyway! So you remember the second gold garage sale mirror?
in process2
One night last week I got them out in the kitchen and gave them a couple coats of paint from some extra cans we had laying around.
in process
Now, I’ve read that mirrors are great to bounce around light and help brighten windowless rooms, etc. So I thought our closet sized main floor washroom was the perfect place for it!
But the thing is… I’m a girl. My perspective is much different than my husbands when it comes to the placement of the mirror. It happens to hang directly above the “throne”.
throne room
And now he feels a little voyeuristic every time he uses that washroom. Oops!!

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    Haha! That’s funny!

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