A visit to the country


After our failed attempt this morning, we all still needed to get out of the house and the spring evening was perfect for a drive out to the old farm. I knew the daffodils would be in bloom, and also wanted to check on the status of the huge lilac bush out there, and this was a great opportunity.

Before you think I’m trespassing… our farmhouse was torn down around 8 years ago, but the land is still owned by some of our American relatives on my Dad’s side. This is where our beautiful old yellow brick farmhouse once stood:
It’s so weird to see an empty space and rundown land where my home used to be. But rundown as it may be, I still LOVE this property.
It’s nice to know that when everything of worth is bulldozed, the garbage remains.
This actually used to be the exact location of the manure pile. I remember struggling up a board walkway with wheelbarrows full of…. on hot days. Narsty. Some memories are better than others! πŸ™‚

My trip down memory lane felt complete looking up at the remnants of CJ’s place. A wreck of a tree fort my best friend since birth Jacqui and I built the summer we were 13 (as far as I can remember!).
CJ's place
I used to lay up there in the spring and watch the trees come alive again. Spring always touches something in my soul. It’s like a glimpse into the promises of God. He makes all things new.
While snapping pics Justus got a little too into it…
He started to freak me out a little when he busted out these next two:
For some reason the Bug thought this pile of leftover driveway gravel was the perfect place to relax.
Look closely at her sweater, just by her right hand. See that black speck? It’s a…….
TICK. As in… a lyme disease carrying, blood sucking, for serious, ticky, T I C K. We flicked it off and then RAN back to the car. I love the farm and all… but that’s a little too outdoorsy for me!! I lived there for like 10 years and never saw a tick. I was there tonight for 45 minutes and found a tick on my precious baby girl!!!

I twitched and scratched the whole way home. It nearly made me mental imagining ticks burrowing into my skin! Once we were home I tried to settle down, after all, it was just a little bug, it didn’t bite any of us, and we were home safe and sound. UNTIL! 40 minutes later Justus comes running over freaking out because there is a TICK on his arm!!! It hadn’t bit yet, so we were able to get rid of it. But oh my stinking goodness?! We all stripped down and I shook out their hair and checked everywhere. Then once I got them to bed I had a shower and washed my hair with tea tree oil. I don’t know… it works for head lice, why not ticks?! πŸ™‚

Ugh. I’m still twitching.

But the trip out there did produce this bounty:
And speaking of bugs… our current house inhabitant likes the flowers too…
Ants. Dreaded ants. They come every spring to our kitchen and upstairs bathrooms and drive me crazy and make me feel like my house is dirty. Thankfully they don’t freak my kids out. Rusty and the Bug actually love ants and let them crawl all over their hands and arms. Again I say, UGH. But whatever, at least they aren’t TICKS.

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  • Reply An Irish Friend ;c) April 22, 2010 at 7:28 am

    Heebie Geebies! I haven’t ever encountered a tick. Yech. Also… the abandoned farm seems sad… And I kind of want it lol.

    Gorgeous flowers ^_^

    • Reply Christa April 22, 2010 at 1:13 pm

      We found ANOTHER tick in the car today! Now I’m really freaking out! Those bugs must not have eaten in like 8 years or something, cause it seems like every tick on the farm found us!
      The farm does seem sad, and I want it too. πŸ™ It’s hard to see nothing where there was once a house full of character and memories, 2 old barns, cold storage, our one little new barn and horse corral. I have great memories of exploring in the old barns, they held all kinds of ancient treasures! The kids had a ridiculously good time running around and exploring just the empty property. I so want that for them! Too bad it’s on 99 acres of unsplitable land that’s worth a fortune! πŸ™

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