Hello from the crazy house!

So… the last couple days have been slightly busy around here. Jon headed off on Sunday for a conference, along with some dear friends and church family. I had the pleasure of helping out with some babysitting for one of those friends. Her 3 boys are beyond sweet, obedient, imaginative, darling… you name it, these kids are wonderful! Rusty thanks God every single night for the older two! I couldn’t even tell him they were coming until the day before, and even then he checked with me every two seconds to make sure it was REALLY going to happen.

Added to the mix is my 13 year old brother, Uncle Jake, because my parents were also away at said conference. Actually… all the staff and their spouses were there, except… me. SIGH. I struggle with that sometimes, but Juno has been hard to leave. The only people she has stayed overnight with is my parents, so I usually get stuck at home. πŸ™ Next year she will be almost 3 and I am hoping that will be my time to start getting more involved in Jon’s job and getting to share the ministry with him. (although he reassures me I am already doing that by enabling him, but you know what I mean.)

Anyway! With so many house guests I’ve been anything but bored and mopey!
everyone plays
They all played REALLY well. Remarkably well. Although my favourite pairing, and the one that seemed the most harmonious was this one:
J &J playing
They are both so content to just sit alone with their “guys”, whereas the other boys are a little more interactive and attempt lots of trades and action, which occasionally ends in conflict. πŸ™‚ But not these two!

That was monday and tuesday. This morning (wednesday) we attempted an outing with another precious friend, but that was a Juno nightmare. She screamed until both of us were red in the face. We finally rescued the public from her madness and bailed. I called the doctor and we got in right away. Sure enough she has a recurring ear infection. We are trying something a little stronger for her 100,001 dose of antibiotics (only a very slight exaggeration!). Fingers crossed it works this time. This morning before I knew what was wrong one of us was pretty close to death. πŸ™‚

So that’s been our week thus far. I’m watching some flowers around the place start to bloom, and anticipating some blooms in my childhood backyard and planning a visit there soon! Hopefully I’ll be back soon to share some of those!

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