A little character goes a long way

Earlier this week while we were at the doctor’s office I got told 3 times that my daughter was “such a little character”.  And they actually didn’t mean she’s such a CHARACTER or such a character, they meant it as a GOOD thing.  Juno Sodeman is a character.  A charming, chatty, smiley, silly, sweetheart of a character.  She was chatting everyone’s ear off, marching around in a sundress and winter boots (she chose herself!), her curls bouncing, big blue eyes sparkling.  Everyone and I mean EVERYONE was watching her and smiling at her.  When she is like that you just can’t help yourself.

And all I could think was, thank goodness for Tylenol.  When I left the house she was screaming, sobbing CHARACTER, and when I arrived at the docs she was the cutest little character you’ve ever met!

Also… today I was walking by my fridge and took a second to read a verse I have stuck there.  It’s under my nose, so I should read it everyday, but I don’t think I’ve taken the time to stop in weeks.  But it becomes my most urgent prayer every time I do.

Psalm 119:133

Establish my footsteps in Your Word and do not let any iniquity have dominion over me.

Please God.

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