2nd First Game

Rusty’s soccer season started last week. But Rusty did not start last week. It was crazy weather, with 80km winds, flurries in the air and a thunderstorm on the horizon and he WOULD NOT get out of the car. He thought we were crazy for even suggesting it. Fair enough.

So this morning we had our 2nd try at his first soccer game ever!!
When we showed up for Rusty’s first soccer game I just looked for the team with the same colour. At some point during warm up I noticed something funny…
Oops!  Wrong team!
There were 2 number 2’s! Oops! Wrong team! Oh well, at least he got a good warm up!
We found our team and he, Daddy and James had a kick together. I think his favourite part was just having a kick with Daddy before the game started. He’s actually reasonably coordinated!
I got it!
Juno with her standard contribution to Sodeman outings:
Not Happy Jan
Ready to start his first game!
thumbs up 2
He was in for a rude shock, however! There is 1 ball and like 15 kids, and “THEY AREN’T SHARING”!!!
And then there was this fiasco:
slight contact
This little girl fell and knocked Justus slightly in the back.
It was simply UNACCEPTABLE. Rusty is a strictly NO CONTACT kind of kid.
What the heck?!
fists clenched
how dare she?!
Things thankfully improved and he got in a few good kicks…
thumbs up
But he was ready to be done by the time the game ended.
Game over
And finally on the way home we got some blissful silence from the Bug, you can still see a big wet tear on her cheek…
the way home

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  • Reply Hannah May 17, 2010 at 1:13 am

    This post made me laugh. So typical with little kids! He looks adorable in his soccer uniform. Thanks so sharing all of the cute pics and the funny captions to go with them. 🙂

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