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And in less exciting news… I got slack with Juno’s dairy restrictions last week and now she has snotty eyes, snotty nose, a patch of eczema, sleep problems, the runs, screaming fits, and AN EAR INFECTION. After 3 weeks mostly off dairy she has had a major reaction when we let it sneak back into her diet. I’m sad for her discomfort, but happy at least that we feel very confident now that dairy is for sure the problem. And in retrospect we can see points when it was at it’s worst… at birth (colic), when I tried to introduce a milk fortified baby cereal, she screamed for hours after the first feeding and then refused to ever it eat after that. We skipped cereal altogether in the end. When we went to Australia last year I was having trouble with my milk supply after the flight so we gave her bottles of whole milk. She screamed and didn’t sleep for a month+. Then this January I removed most juice from her diet, and she began having a lot more milk. Then she had weird rashes for 2-3 months and her screaming fits in the afternoons increased. So… there we have it. I’m going to try and get her into the doctors to have an official test and see if she can help with a nutrition plan. Juno has already lost some weight since we took her off dairy (thankfully she can stand to lose it! ;)), she is missing a lot of healthy fats and whatnot. The other day I loaded up on award winning probiotics and additive free vitamins, and I’m going to try and ride this ear infection out without antibiotics this time.

I feel like now I really have to resolve myself to do this dairy free thing hard core. I was so hopeful that cheese would be ok, or the odd treat with some milk solids… but that doesn’t appear to be the case. Perhaps in a year or so when her little tummy has had a chance to heal. It’s a SIGH and a YAY all rolled in to one. 🙂

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  • Reply An Irish Friend ;c) May 25, 2010 at 2:44 am

    It’s such a relief to know what is wrong but it’s also daunting because it’s SO much work. You have all my empathy. I can’t really eat dairy either – chronic sinus infections – and it’s a pain in the butt BUT life is SO much better without it. <3

    Also careful with the ear infection – as far as I am concerned B has never had antibiotics but if she had an ear infection I would without a doubt because of the risk of going deaf or having hearing damage. I could be overly concerned about that and if you research it and the risks are minimal, I never said anything – I just know hearing damage can be common if it isn't treated quickly.

  • Reply admin May 25, 2010 at 7:27 am

    As far as I know many ear infections will resolve themselves, I’m going to give her a couple days and then reevaluate. I can actually usually smell it if it has gotten serious, gross eh?

  • Reply Hannah May 25, 2010 at 3:58 pm

    I’m glad it’s so clear that dairy is the culprit. We’re still having a few struggles here with pinpointing what is wrong. Gluten free definitely seems to have helped but there are still a lot of dietary problems. My mom never gave any of my 7 siblings or I antibiotics. Crazy, huh? I’m sure there were some ear infections in there! She used a natural tincture that you can get from naturopaths and some health food stores (they have to mix it up for you), called Echinacea with Golden Seal. Echinacea on it’s own is only to prevent getting sick and stregthens the immune system, but with Golden Seal it turns into a natural antibiotic. It’s pretty vile stuff but it really works. Something to try if you’re desperate to not use regular antibiotics!

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