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Kids live here.

Today I was looking around my messy house (which I am determined to clean right after this post!! Although that should probably be the other way around!! Whatevs.) and I noticed that it’s pretty obvious… kids live here. 🙂 My kids happen to be expert mess makers (and as much as I aspire to be, I’m not a “clean as you go” type of girl). Even though these things sometimes drive me mental, today they made me smile. So here you go…

feeding puppy
I am constantly finding puppy “eating” the cat food.

Or this baby who “pees” (water thankfully!) set up on random pieces of furniture with little puddles under her bare bottom.

This little man’s artwork everywhere it shouldn’t be (including his bedroom walls).

muddy feet
These grubby little footprints across my kitchen floor.

Juno's line up
Toy line ups anywhere the Bug has been playing.

Lego landmines.

This yummy face. Which leads to…


and this.

All kinds of wonderful surprises end up in my bed.

Both our kids love to be in our bed. Almost every night we collapse slide into bed only to discover stuffed animals, star wars guys, or Buzz and Woody hidden under the covers.

And because of this attraction towards our bed, it never stays neat. I made the bed this morning…
"made" bed
But Jon will never know.

This is waiting for me when I get off the computer:
I really must get to it actually.

So I’ll leave you with one last thing, this is what sent Rusty into shrieks of laughter before his nap today.

Thank you God that children live here.

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  • Reply Natashia May 28, 2010 at 7:12 pm

    Love it! Love the captions that go with the photos – tells such a huge story about kids. Those are exactly the kind of trails they leave behind! My classroom looks like this very often!
    I especially love that page in that book – I know a little girl who would think that was hilarious too!

  • Reply Jon June 1, 2010 at 12:38 pm

    I think that this is my favourite post! Whacky kids.

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