Just Do It.

So I think the time has actually come for me to start my couch to 5k running program. I’ve been wanting to run since last June (Jon bought me Nike+ for my birthday last year!), and I’ve been considering this program since January, tried it once and LOVED it, but then… well, watch the above video for what happened. My biggest excuse was that the free Christian Indie running track was beyond LAME. But…

My current summer clothes don’t really fit, and I just spent all the money I’d set aside for new summer clothes on books and a new Bible. Plus the soccer season is in full swing, but my fitness levels leave something to be desired.

I have no idea if I will be able to follow through with this. Like I said in an earlier post, I’m as variable as variable gets. I’m a great starter, but not so much a finisher. As in… never really. I guarantee that right now, my close friends are rolling their eyes, like, seriously? What next? But to that I say…. meh. Isn’t it better to try? Good intentions… I’m so full of em!

I’m going to try day one tomorrow! And I’m going to post a once a week update on my progress, not because you all care, but because it’s a good motivator and good accountability for me. I don’t actually have the goal of running a 5k, but I would like to at least work up to week 5 and be able to complete it consistently throughout the summer. And I absolutely retain the right to repeat a week until I feel capable of moving on.

It’s not all about fitness and losing weight though. When I do run, I actually kind of love it. It feels good and I feel strong (until 2 mins later when I’m red faced and gasping for air!). 🙂 We’ll see how much I love it when theory meets reality!

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  • Reply An Irish Friend ;c) June 15, 2010 at 2:54 am

    *Your own private cheering area* YOU CAN DO IT! lol my friend is doing this too and is doing good! You will do. One day at a time ^_^ *Hugs*!

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