here bird
“Here birdie!” (trying to convince a seagull to come sit in the wagon.)
crazy bones
Justus with his “army” surrounding him. Some very elaborate game was going on in his imagination with these crazy bones. We tried to play but quickly discovered that his army was stronger, had bigger weapons, more armour and was basically un-defeatable. I’m pretty sure if we set the Juno-monster loose she could challenge his invincible guys, but she restrained herself very well.

A morning spent in Southampton…

My birthday!
party girl
When I woke up on my birthday I came out to discover that Jon had decorated the whole cottage in an eclectic mix of HighSchool Musical, Pirates of the Caribbean, and generic birthday decorations.
We had a lovely morning in Port Elgin…
pink girls
Apparently I felt very pink that day, didn’t realize until we were out and about that I had dressed Juno and I to match.
We were out in the water to look at all the minnows
pink girls
We had an early supper of fries on the beach with the kids…
But the guests that joined us freaked my son out quite a bit…
Jon made the mistake of throwing some leftover fries to the seagull on the roof that had been begging the whole time we were there. Unfortunately, that brought down all his “friends” and they had a massive fight over our heads. Juno laughed, Justus screamed, I ran for cover and the other patrons gave us very dirty looks.
Then we put the kids to bed and Jon went out and got PIZZA for us! We don’t eat pizza anymore because of Juno, and it’s probably the food I miss most of all, so this was a real birthday treat!!

We came home a little early from the cottage because the weather was changing there, but would be nice in London. We enjoyed several quiet days around the house and managed to see some friends…
And play a couple rousing games of Settlers of Catan with my siblings (none of whom wanted to be photographed). I managed to win both times, so that was pretty awesome. My kind of night…
And we still managed one more trip to the beach (Port Stanley this time).
being dipped
This photo has inspired me to turn my backyard into one giant sandbox. Then when the kids are making me crazy I can take them out back, bury them in a HUGE pile of sand (trapped!) and sit on the deck with a coffee and a book for some mommy quiet time.

So there it is… in like 1 billion photos! Our lovely and relaxing vacation that felt much longer than just 1 week! Now back to reality…

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  • Reply Lisa June 28, 2010 at 3:02 pm

    Sounds like you guys had a wonderful vacation! And I love the pics, everyone looks so happy and relaxed. And I can’t get over how blue the lake looks in your pics, it looks like the ocean!

    • Reply Christa June 29, 2010 at 2:43 pm

      thanks Lisa!

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