Blueberry Season!

Just in case you are in our area and you haven’t heard yet… blueberries are ready!
We went to Kustermans this morning, they are amazing! Best place around for sure! They have done major renovations, so there is even more for the kids. Animals, excellent playground, playhouse, sandbox, cafe, plus little belly buckets so they can do their own picking.
Just for kicks I thought I’d throw in a pic of the Bug from last year’s trip to Kustermans…
She is growing up too fast… and not fast enough.
Both kids did an excellent job only picking the ripe berries, although the Bug ate pretty much everything she picked and Rusty and Dad seemed to have a “one for the bucket, one for me” pattern, so I ended up being the most productive! 🙂

I’ll be back for more!

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