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Blessings for my babies


To Justus,
My gift from God. The moment I knew of your existence I fell to my knees and thanked God for blessing me with a child. I have known from that moment that you are all of His doing, that He loves you more than I ever could, and I pray daily that your heart will belong to Him always.
When we pray together you often ask me to thank God for God, then I pray and ask that you grow up to be a strong man who always loves God above all else.

You have the most incredible sense of right and wrong already… Justus full of justice. May the Lord use this discernment to guide you and bless others. May this character trait be balanced with gentleness and humility. May your footsteps be established in His word and may you never allow any iniquity to have dominion over you.

To Juno,
My delight. You have already taught me that true delight is found in Jesus alone, may you lead many others to this knowledge in your lifetime.

You have the most tender, sweet, loving little heart I have ever encountered. I pray that God will capture your heart as a little girl and you will grow in His sweetness and lovingkindness, never straying from the Way, the Truth, and the Life. You are also the most adventurous and brave little person, so I pray that He will enclose you behind and before and accomplish His will for your life, that He will be your protector and guide.  May you bless and delight and shine for Jesus with every step you take in this life.

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