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Letters – day two

Dear Jon, I made it to the next level in my Garbage Tetris, you’d be so proud (since you didn’t have to empty it!). Dear Dad, Justus was making “toot music” this morning. It’s one step up from “blasting around the room”. Aren’t you glad you let this crazy Sodeman blood into the fam? Dear Jody, your boys inspire my Rusty to be kinder, taller, and more imaginative. <3 Dear Halle, Happy birthday little darling. We’ve claimed you as the Bug’s best friend and Rusty’s future bride, please say yes. Dear Lord, Thank you for freedom and for inspiring men and women with honour and courage to stand up for freedom. Dear Husband, I’d trade the only-eat-when-Jon-is-away ground beef stroganoff I am going to devour for supper for just one hug. I love you the most.

PS hope Tim didn’t steal all your hot water!

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