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From Jon’s latest blog post…
“All of a sudden Tim says that he has the sheet printed out, as we are heading to the car. I asked if I could sit in the back of the car so I could go over the notes and make some annotations and look up Bible passages as we had another two hours on the road. So off we go, taking the most winding road you could think of in the history of winding roads, along with bumps, potholes, passing trucks, just all over the place.

Funny side story – I always laugh to myself to my wife as she sometimes gets motion sickness if she tries to read or write while I’m driving, or if she turns around to talk to the kids while the car is moving. She says that she gets really ill doing it.

End side story – I am in the back seat of the car, trying to read and write notes while the car is bouncing all over the place. I can barely get my pen on the paper, it looks like a child’s writing, I’m intensely concentrating as the car bounces all over the place. I read three pages of notes, go over them again, look up some passages, all in a panic because as soon as this ride ends I walk into a room full of pastors and elders and end up teaching for the first time in my life.

All of a sudden I start to feel really sick to my stomach. It crept up on me fast, and I for sure thought I was going to be very, very sick. So I try to keep reading but it’s making things worse. I decide to stop and get my face as close to the window as I can. Timothy offers me some candy and I take it to be polite, but it makes me feel so ill so I spit it out. I’m 90% sure I’m going to throw up in the car, but I keep it to myself as any quick thinking conservative person would do when he doesn’t want to interrupt a tight schedule.

This holding out goes on for another hour when we finally arrive in Dharding. We pull up outside the hotel, and I am just dying for the car to stop so I can take a huge breath of clean air. Well, this day happened to be garbage day in Dharding District. This is where someone at the top of the hill starts putting a lot of water in the gutter of the road, which is full of garbage that they have thrown in there (everyone litters in Nepal). It is deeper than our guttering in Canada, almost like a trench. Then each person out the front of their house gets a rake or a long stick, and as all the garbage passes their home they push the lumps of trash that is moving slowly onto their neighbours house, until it arrives somewhere down the bottom, most likely in their river (they also throw trash in their water supply).

So as I step out of the car the lumps of trash happen to be traveling right past our car, right where I’m stepping over to get to the hotel, and right as I’m sucking in some huge gulps of air because I’ve been so sick of being cramped in the car. Not good. I managed to hold out being sick, managed to get checked in, and lie down in the hotel room for around ten minutes.

I’ll tell you this much – I won’t ever disagree with my wife again if she says she doesn’t want to write a birthday card in the car as I’m driving because we are running late again!”

You heard it here folks… “I won’t ever disagree with my wife again”.

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  • Reply Debbie November 15, 2010 at 4:34 pm

    Oh..this is so so classic…you can hold onto that one forever Christa!

    We’re all praying for “the guys” here 🙂

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