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Great Date Experiment

The Great Date Experiment

Northpoint church in the States put together these fun date night plans… I’ve shared them with a few people and I think we are going to give them a try. So while I was at it I thought I might as well put out the link for others too! In boring old London we find it easy for our date nights to get a little stale. I LOVE Chapters and Starbucks, but it’s not always the best outing for building communication once I’ve got my nose stuck in a book (or a bookstore full of books!). 🙂

We haven’t been on a real date for quite some time now… we were doing pretty well at one point, but now all our babysitting budget seems to go towards church events or group gatherings. It’s time we reinvested where it really counts! Amen?!

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  • Reply Jen March 20, 2011 at 1:34 pm

    No kidding! Budget is a huge issue! So date night has just made it’s way down the priority list slowly, somehow. Sitting together watching a movie just doesn’t cut it anymore!:) So we have recently been thinking alot more about it too. I took a quick look at the website…it looks really interesting. The one I looked at had some great, fun ideas! Looking forward to reading the rest…and coming up with some on our own! 🙂
    And btw…boring old London??? Try Glencoe!! No Chapters/Starbuck’s or anything like that here in the ‘sticks’!!! We’ll really have to use our imagination!! 🙂

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