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letters – day two

Dear Juno, your placement of the library computer ear phones made me laugh out loud.

Which made you frown…
…which made me laugh that much harder. Nice look for you, sweet cheeks.

Dear Blog Readers, My husband left me a love letter. And it’s reeeeeally good. It made me laugh, roll my eyes, quoted scripture and had me in tears by the end. Like I said, REALLY good.

Dear Husband, thank you.

Dear Kijiji, thanks for being my gateway to all kinds of used treasures. Just picked up a cedar chest tonight for 25 smackers. It’s going to be amazing once it gets a makeover!
Now to decide what lucky room wins some extra storage and style, and what colour to paint it! I’ve been dying to use a bold colour on some old furniture…
Dear Carpenters Christmas Album, you are the only Christmas music I will ever need. Perfect for an afternoon of Christmas crafting.
Dear Jon, hope Hong Kong treats you well and you don’t die of exhaustions before you get to sleep in a real bed again… tomorrow (friday) night…. first time since tuesday night. My friends Bert and Gert have a little reminder for you whilst travelling on so little rest…

Oh and darling… it’s chagrin not shagrim. Correcto strikes again.

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  • Reply Leanne November 11, 2011 at 3:41 pm

    No really. I think you need to print off those pictures of Juno and put them on the fridge. It’s simply impossible to not laugh at them. Hilll-arious. And that she frowned because you laughed…even more funny. ahhh, thanks.

  • Reply gottabekd November 11, 2011 at 4:04 pm

    That was a lot of SHAGRIM! But I’m loving the posts!

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