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So… I guess I should have known there would be some stress that comes along with moving in December… but for some reason the frantic pace of things has taken me somewhat by surprise. So here is just what I can think of at 11pm at night after another busy day!

Well, it was decided that we would buy a cabinet to use as a pantry as opposed to getting into any (even minor) kitchen renos at the moment. My open shelves and painted cabinets will have to wait… 🙁 I guess I’ll just try to close my eyes against the busy-ness of the tile, counter, cupboards and flooring and pray the horrific clashing of it all doesn’t drive me mental! lol Guess I’ve been spoiled by my pretty white kitchen.

I’ve fallen into this cycle of busy days/nights and then lazy days/nights, and suddenly my house feels out of control. Today I was trying to bring back some semblance of order and tackle the laundry mountain… but the kids were bored so I had the bright idea of making sugar cookies and gingerbread men. I do want to get my Christmas baking done and in the freezer prior to moving, so in that sense this is one last thing off my to do list. But… I always think baking sugar cookies with the kids is going to be a good idea, until halfway in when they are stealing raw dough and trying to jam a cookie cutter right in the middle of my nicely rolled out dough… and everything is covered in flour and I may or may not start snapping and or speaking loudly until they finally escape the crazy mama and let off their sugar dough high by running around like maniacs.
Not quite the initial picture I envision, but sadly the usual reality. Only today they ran around like maniacs AND found a container of hair elastics and placed them on all their toes and fingers. Nice.
Tomorrow we get to ice and decorate them. Hooray.
(and that’s only like half of them)

Pray for my little angels tomorrow. 🙂

Especially this cherub.
I straightened her hair on Sunday just to see how long it is now, and when she looked in the mirror she gasped and said, “I look like you mommy!” She was very pleased by this. Yet another moment when I realize the power of influence we mothers have. I always wanted to be petite like my mom, and even used to perm my hair to be curly like hers. (not the best look for me, btw, think triangle hair) And now my darling girlie, at age 3, and even though she has absolutely stunning blond curls and gets complimented for them left, right and centre, would rather have hair like mine. It’s a big responsibility to be a mother of a girl child.

Tomorrow afternoon I am taking my little man to the optometrist. I’ve been noticing that he has to bring the book really close, or get really close to his page when he is reading/writing. And he struggles with letters that look similar… h and n, b and d, etc.. to read them correctly he practically holds the book to his nose! I really have no idea what is normal and just learning process, and what actually suggests an eyesight issue. So we are covering all the bases and having his eyes checked to be sure.

I feel like there were 812 other things I was going to say. Jon told me I need to write things down during the day so I won’t get such bad writers block, but that’s just not my style. I wish I had a waterproof keyboard, I always seem to think of what to blog when I’m in the shower. Oh well. Basically… house=mess… move=stress… and that’s my life at the moment!

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  • Reply Natashia November 30, 2011 at 2:11 am

    The baking looks like heaps of fun! Even if it was messy. That’s what my classroom looks like after a busy day! Bombshell!

  • Reply Natashia November 30, 2011 at 2:14 am

    oh and my best thoughts come in the shower too! 🙂 you’re not alone there!

  • Reply Emily December 5, 2011 at 2:01 pm

    We get the opposite thing with my hair in this house (than you did as a girl). Both the girls only have a slight wave in their hair, and they (okay, Abigail) can already see that my hair regimen is very different than hers. When I do take the hour to straighten my hair they both go “Ooooooh!” and want to stroke my hair all day. Although this might be because it’s the only time I really actually let them touch it – the rest of the time I’m like “No! don’t mess it up, I can’t wash it again for another 4 days!” So I don’t think there’s going to be any curl envy at all.

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