Junie’s room

My current busy work (to quote my sister the day she made me feel like such an old lady: “it’s so nice you can have these little projects”) is Juno’s room. Speaking on that subject for one minute… I’m just going to throw this out there… any other stay at home moms find themselves a little at loose ends sometimes? Especially in the winter I can get kinda bored. I mean, we made choices that involve large amounts of time at home: me staying home to raise the kids, living in the country, homeschooling, husband in ministry with nights/weekends away sometimes. Because of those choices and Jon’s job I can’t pack a whole lot of extra commitments in for myself, my schedule has to stay flexible to accommodate for the family. But that leaves holes sometimes. In those holes I find myself looking around my house wishing I could pretty it up a bit.


But then I feel like that’s kind of frivolous, vain, maybe a tad materialistic, a waste of good time and energy.  Although, I remember some of the homey homes I’ve been in and how wonderful it is to spend time in a place that is warm and pleasing to the eyes. God created us with a need for beauty I think and with a desire to be creative.


So that’s sort of a ministry right? Homemaking? But how fine is that line… between homemaking as a ministry and materialism in home decor. I haven’t really found my comfort zone on the subject. When we first moved in I struggled with discontentment because I realized we wouldn’t be able to personalize/decorate the house as quickly as I wanted to. So then I took a few months off of home decor dreaming to practice contentment. But then I found myself filling my time holes with reading and tv watching, which left me feeling like my time was kind of wasted. I need a productive hobby that is in the home, that can be picked up and dropped depending on the busyness of that particular week, and that is not expensive.


So… I don’t know. Any thoughts on where the line is between homemaking and vanity?  There is a good chance I have over thought it.  lol




It’s been a year and 2 months since we moved out to this big white house in the country. It’s all white on the outside, and all cream on the inside. Every room is builder’s grade matte cream. It was freshly painted when we moved in and looked so bright and lovely, but 14 months + 2 grimy kids, 1 rammy wife, and 1 careful-wish-his-family-would-mind-the-walls-already husband has made this house all cream aaaaaand un-wipe-able scuff marks.


Here is the Bug’s room shortly after moving in her stuff from the old house:
(still working on refinishing her little Ikea lack table and chair)

And then a terrible (but all I’ve got) shot of her room when the kids were sharing it for a few months:

The real damage to the walls was done while Justus was in there. He would climb to the top of his headboard and jump off- leaving dirty hand and foot prints all over the wall. But the worst part was definitely the boogers.. all over the wall by the window. My kid is a pick and flick guy. I KNOW. I almost wish he’d eat them instead!  ewwwwww.  Needless to say, the walls were trashed and we didn’t have any of the cream paint left (or a paint chip to colour match). Time to paint. And time for a little colour! I went super duper bold and adventurous by choosing…


The same colour we used throughout the whole main floor of our old house. Smokey Green (CC-700) from Benjamin Moore.


I know! I’m so adventurous! 🙂 Truth is, I loved that colour and had been looking for the right chance to use it again, but in a different way. In Juno’s room I would get to girly it up a bit more. She asked for rainbow walls, then pink walls; I ignored her entirely and then thanked my lucky stars that she loved it anyway.

I had seen a few pics on pinterest of paint that didn’t quite go all the way up to the ceiling and thought it might be an easily changeable way of adding a bit of height and interest to the room. The plan is to add bunting, so there will be a bit more visual interest to break up that straight line eventually.

(eta: when I checked out this post on the blog I discovered that I decorated the room exactly like I decorated the blog- at least I’m consistent!)  lol


The matte paint combined with old painters tape left the line a tad less crisp than I had hoped for, there was minor bleed most of the way around the room, with the occasional lifting of the cream paint in other spots, Thankfully nothing too noticeable unless closely inspected. (this is the worst spot, but I was able to touch it up a little.)

Also, when I went to the Benjamin Moore store to purchase my paint the lady working said the cheapest can was 50.00. ahem. no. I couldn’t spend that much! So I went to Rona, where I paid almost that much and where they promised a colour match and then ruined 3 cans trying to get it right. I took the 4th can, and while a pretty colour, it’s still not exactly a match. Lesson learned. I did use a paint conditioner for the first time (thank you pinterest), and while not necessary by any means, I was really happy with how it went on. Not a single brush stroke or roller mark to be seen.


The curtain is 7.99 from Ikea (used in 3 different spots now in my house, so apparently I’m a fan). It’s amazing how much bigger the window feels now that it’s framed with even such a light curtain. We have great blinds and we are a windows open and uncovered kind of family anyway, so they aren’t necessary for function.


We also found the shelves at Ikea for very cheap. I painted them with leftover paint from her furniture (second hand from the Klassen clan- thanks again!). They are currently holding the letters that were on her wall in our old house because she loves them, but anything on this shelf may or may not disappear when the room is nearing completion. Although, I might need to surrender my desire for “styled” shelves to her love of collecting… I had to move a bunch of her treasures over to the dresser to take a picture I could stomach posting. lol Everyone remind me occasionally that it is HER room. 🙂
(The wardrobe is a necessary evil… house was built with no closets!)


The light fixture is my favorite one in the house. The previous owners put chandeliers in every room of the house, some I like, some not so much, this one I LOVE.


The baskets are my current stuffed animal storage. I’ve attempted purging and rotating the mass amounts of stuffed animals she has, but the girl adores them all. And knows them all. No sooner do I cart a whole bunch downstairs when she isn’t looking, than she manages to sneak them all back up when I’m not looking! So I gave in and found these laundry baskets on clearance at Superstore for 7.00 each and then bought them using PC points- yay for free stuff!


The bedding I bought when I was pregnant with Juno, and SO excited to be having a girl. But I have dreams of making a quilt for my darling. I made a coverlet for Justus’s room, and while simple, it has given me the bug for more advanced quilting.
He doesn’t like it by the way. 🙁

Also, his room is next! I just picked up a desk last night on kijiji for 10.00 for his room. Jon helped me carry it in the house this morning and gave me a look and said, “10 dollars”? It wasn’t love at first sight for him. Let’s all give him a frowny face- one, two, three- GO. Fellow collectors and painters of old furniture, we can see a nicely shaped and solidly built diamond in the rough here, right?


Anyway- the fabric I bought for Juno’s quilt and bunting and baby bed is this line…
More colours/patterns that just that, but it’s a sneak peek anyway!

Quilt pattern yet to be determined. Wish me luck!!


The heart (sorry for the weird angle, I kept getting glare from any other way) made from pictures was meant to go over Juno’s headboard, but she begged to have them lower where she could see them all from her bed. How could I say no? So they are right at her height and she spends so much time looking at them and remembering all those happy memories. I like giving her such a large visual, because the truth is our relationship is often cluttered with battles and tempers, and it helps both of us to remember those aren’t ALL the moments- we really are happy sometimes! lol (oh and… I hot glued them to the wall if you are interested in application. Not probably recommended. Good thing I like mudding walls for the day she tires of it!)


So… that’s the longest post ever, and my current progress on Junie’s room. Lots more to come, but it’s a start!

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  • Reply Tash February 22, 2013 at 12:43 pm

    Wow! It looks so fantastic! I love it. Can you come style my house when it’s built?

  • Reply Christa February 22, 2013 at 9:53 pm

    The room looks so nice. The only colour room in the house!

    You can help me design my office after we win the lottery.


  • Reply gottabekdcanada February 24, 2013 at 1:05 am

    gorgeous. we’re doing alex’s room for her birthday but it’s going to be BRIGHT and BOLD! i wanted white furniture but they just didn’t have it for a reasonable price. 🙁 but i love the heart idea… may do something with that! beautiful.

  • Reply Yana February 25, 2013 at 1:57 pm

    Looks amazing! I’m with you on the Ikea Lill curtains- I have them several places around our home too.

    I’m excited to see what you do for a quilt- great fabric choices!

  • Reply Jen February 27, 2013 at 12:14 am

    Love it! Such a cute girl’s room. 🙂
    Love the look of the paint not going all the way to the ceiling!
    As far as the line between homemaking & vanity was it? I really have no comment. I just simply dream and rarely see them come to fruition. 🙁
    And oh yeah…the boogers? SO glad to know I’m not the only one who deals with that! Only my boy doesn’t pick & flick…he picks and carefully positions on the walls! Like as in he has stood on his bed and stuck them way up high on the wall. Ewwwww. One day I was sitting on the couch and there beside me on the wall were 2 !

  • Reply Debbie February 27, 2013 at 9:49 pm

    I LOVE Juno’s room! ….hmmm..and interestingly looks very similar to Ruby’s…lol…. love it! And the chandelier!

    Oh…you should knit…perhaps knit socks 🙂 easy to pick up and put down…yes yes! 😀

    ..and I love the desk… Love the drawer shape too…. it will be great! I’m curious as to when we will see what you’ve done with it.

    I just bought a coffee table from kijiji this morning for $35…. no painting this though… nope… still working on convincing Harold that I should paint our tired peeling kitchen table rather than sanding and refinishing (ugg)… Baby steps for him….baby steps…

  • Reply Kristy March 12, 2013 at 3:25 pm

    Love it! I’m going in this direction for Avery’s room too. I had noticed we kept re-pinning each others pins with similar styles! Where do you buy that fabric? I can’t find a website for Baby Beanzy. Also, Darren has a painting business on the side and, if you want, I can order your paint for you from Benjamin Moore and get you 30% off. For future!

  • Reply Christa March 12, 2013 at 5:43 pm

    Thanks Kristy!

    The fabric is from the Sweetest Thing line (designed by Zoe Pearn of Riley Blake Designs). I bought it on etsy from a store called SoTweetFabrics if that helps. They were prompt with shipping and just nice to deal with in general.

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