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My baby sister and I at a recent women’s event.  I treasure every photo we get together!


Another day, more plans cancelled. Another opportunity to make the most of a clean house and an empty day!

This time we raced through school, packed a bag and headed to Longwoods Conservation Area and Ska-Nah-Doht.


We wandered around the long houses, but not before Juno snagged a wasp out of the sky in her bare hand. She said very excited, “mom I caught a bug!” and just before I could yell at her to let it go… she screamed. It had stung her on the finger. After that first scream of shock she didn’t shed a single tear. This child is so tough. I handed her a baby wipe to hold against it for a few minutes, and other than some comments about “what a mean bug”, that was the end of it. I cry and fuss like a big baby when I get stung. Ahem. The other weekend Justus accidentally hit her in the head with a golf club (giant purple goose egg hard), and her biggest upset was that she thought he meant to do it. Her feelings are tender, the rest- HARDCORE.



We went exploring around one of the trails, and other than the BUGS the BUGS the BUGS, it was really nice.  The kids kept saying what a nice day it was and what a nice park it was and what a nice walk it was.  🙂


Picnic lunch to celebrate the end of our little hike!




Strawberries fresh from OUR garden…



And of course… a child who puts underwear (clean) on her head and wanders around the upstairs crashing into things until she nearly breaks her nose on a doorframe and still walks away laughing. 🙂


Also, love this article. What a great way to improve all relationships!

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  • Reply Tash June 13, 2013 at 1:53 am

    Oh my goodness – I love it! Wish I was coming over to spend some summertime with you guys xxx

  • Reply jon June 13, 2013 at 12:01 pm

    OK. The next time you say ‘let’s go to Longwoods’, I will say yes. Wish I was there with you guys yesterday!!

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