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A new journey – 2

January 14, 2013

I know some of these posts will be short, but it’s just whatever I happened to jot down at the time…




I’m sitting here wishing I could poll everyone I know. Should we or shouldn’t we?!

Jon had his appointment today to get the referral to the urologist we want to perform the reversal. Our doctor didn’t think it would take long to get in, which is what I had worried would be the case.

But man alive… that means we have to settle on a decision soon.

When I ask one friend what they think I get a “Yes! Go for it! Kids are wonderful!” answer. Another sort of smiles and gives me the “you must be insane” eyes… I’ve heard pros and cons and “but you are just starting to hit the sweet spot with your kids”, as well as, “Yay! Been praying for your family in regards to this”. I like polls and advice. When I hear other people’s thoughts and opinions my own always seem to stand out more clearly by my reaction to what I hear. But I’m realizing this is one area where no one else’s family dreams, plans or ideas can answer what is right for our family. I truly don’t believe there is an across the board- right or wrong- with the question of how many children…

But still, I need to know anyway… HOW MANY SODEMANS SHOULD THERE BE?! Please God let us know so we can move ahead in confidence.

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  • Reply Jon September 24, 2013 at 3:58 pm

    That’s easy. There should be 6 of us total.

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