A new journey – 3


March 3, 2013



So today I was thinking about one of the reasons I want to have another baby…

I genuinely love watching my husband be a dad.

He is really really REALLY good at it. He’ll read this and want to argue and bring up all his shortcomings (welcome to the dark – I’m not able to take a compliment without rebuttal – side, love.). 🙂 But the straight truth is that is the straight truth. Jon is an amazing father.

The other day while he was at work I overheard my kids talking about him in the other room. Juno was telling Justus, “Daddy loves me.” Then Justus’s response was, “And he loves me too.” And the list went on, back and forth… Daddy loves mom. He loves Paris and Roxy (the cats). He loves our house. He loves our church. He loves his work. He loves to cuddle me. He loves playing lego with me…

When my children think of their Daddy, they would be very hard pressed to come up with a single negative. In all honesty I don’t know that I’ve ever heard them say one. I wish the same could be said of how they think of me… but I’ll console myself that it’s easier to be the hero when you aren’t home with them ALL STINKING DAY. lol Even though in my heart I know that it’s probably the other way around.

They rush to give him a kiss and a hug before he leaves for work and bombard him when he returns. I think one of his biggest fears in adding another child to the family is that he might have less time and energy for Justus and Juno, because I know he already feels like he doesn’t always give them enough. I know that he does, because I see it. But I also understand his concern because we all do need so much from him. I’m as hungry for his time and attention as the kids are. I don’t know that I could ever be satisfied and think I’ve had enough of him. Poor man, that’s a lot of pressure and responsibility! A mark of a good husband and dad though is that he KNOWS that and feels that and is careful to weigh any choice that might effect that.

All of that does most definitely add to my desire to have more babies with him. I love him more for how he loves them. The way he is a father brings joy to my heart. I’m a blessed woman, that’s for darn sure.

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  • Reply cam September 25, 2013 at 3:57 pm

    i can find a complaint, he texts me about his bathroom adventures far too often for comfort

  • Reply Christa September 25, 2013 at 10:15 pm

    actually, he did teach my daughter to say “pull my finger” and I’m convinced her ability to follow through on command is from him as well.

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