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A new journey – 10

So we are about (exactly!) 9 days away from the start of the TRYING phase.  Weirdy-weird.  (both that I’m telling everyone that and that it’s actually 9 days away.)  And I’m thinking about babies again like a married for 2 years, but no baby yet, woman.  I read baby name blogs (swistle, I love you!), pin pregnancy announcement ideas to my secret pinterest board, and google things like “what not to eat while pregnant”.  I just clued in that I’m gonna have to switch to decaf for coffee (at least for cups 2, 3, 4 of the day), and then had a little giggle remembering my very first pregnancy when my dear husband wouldn’t even let me eat chocolate chip cookies because of the caffeine content in chocolate…  lol.  Slight difference between that and me learning to love coffee during Juno’s pregnancy and pounding back Big Macs to the horror of my co-workers.  But I am quite determined to have a healthier pregnancy this time around, this whole baby thing seems like a bit of a novelty that I’m indulging in- so why not go all first-time-around-fussy?!  🙂


I’m dreaming of a nursery.  Mmmm new things to decorate.  (commence more secret pinning)


Wishing I could convince my husband that naming a child Milo is not the same as naming him Ovaltine.


Wishing I had lost 20 pounds pre-pregnancy as per the plan.  Perhaps it will be a girl and I’ll lose those extra pounds during pregnancy.  BARF.  for reals.



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  • Reply Jon October 7, 2013 at 2:10 pm

    You are living the sickness and not eating dream right now…. I feel bad for you every day.

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