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nowhere more important to be

nothing more important to do!

This post is wonderful! Clock over HERE and read it!

I like her whole blog actually, but that post especially was good reading for a homemaker.

Another quote just in case you weren’t sufficiently enticed to click over! 🙂

“How would our attitude and actions change if we were to recognize that breaking up fights between our children, teaching them about forgiveness of sin, correcting them in love, and then repeating that entire cycle again and again–IS our jobs as mothers! And yet, we tend to want to get them behaving properly once and for all so that we can move on to something more important. We are disappointed and astounded when they are repeatedly sinful, whiny, impatient, or lacking self-control, when it’s for these very sins that God made you specifically to be your child’s mother. How humbling it is when I consider this reality and compare it to the attitude of my heart.”

I forget this A LOT. I just read another similar post on a different blog today, so I think I must need the message. 🙂 For some reason my brain tends to think only the good stuff is what we are meant to experience. But all the good stuff really only comes through the drama and the chores and mundane repeat parenting moments. And having a kid with ADHD comes with lots and lots and LOTS of those mundane repeat parenting moments. But serving and coaching and prompting and loving her (and him) with patience is my big important job today.

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  • Reply Lisa @ 6 and a half hearts January 15, 2014 at 1:39 am

    that’s so true and so cool.

  • Reply Jen February 7, 2014 at 2:33 am

    Many mundane, repeating parenting moments here too! Thanks so much for this reminder that there is nothing more important to do and nowhere more important to be!

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