Words to Remember

our hearts and our attention

“I used to feel guilty about idle moments. Time spent splayed out in the lawn chair, staring at the sky, was time “wasted”. A walk in the woods with a friend and her dog, meant that I wouldn’t get my aerobic workout for the day. When Henry, at three, wanted to hear the same story every day for a month, and have the same conversation about it every time, I could not help thinking about the stack of unread library books that was gathering dust in the meantime. But I have come to believe that all of these activities are essential. They are what is meant by “nurturing”. As the writer Julia Cameron reminds us, “So much of what we need, so much of what we want, is to be savored, cherished, cared for and cared about. So much of what is missing is tenderness.” Our children do not need any more possessions to be happy; they need only to feel sure that they possess our hearts, our attention, our acceptance of who they are.”

-Katrina Kenison

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