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Insert all the posts here!  Haha, I was going to get back to blogging, wasn’t I?  Oops.


Well here’s a post!  I have no idea what I’m about to say, but if my fingers keep moving something will materialize, right?


Oh I know.  Today I started a new experiment.  It’s inspired half from watching a new friend last week talk about healthy choices that are actually really simple, but we just have to implement them by ACTUALLY DOING THEM and not just talking about them.  That was an awkward sentence, sorry.  I’m too tired to fix it.  The other half is from one of those random advertisement articles that pop up on Facebook all the time about someone else doing the same experiment.  It’s a really novel one.  For one month I’m going to drink the recommended amount of water (96 ounces) every day.  That’s it!  I’m taking pictures the whole way along, and I’m going to see if anything happens to my energy levels, my skin, how I feel, possibly even my weight!

I’m a chronically dehydrated person, often I lay down at night realizing all I had to drink was coffee all day long.  So that’s not the best.  We were in Cuba (that’s another post!) last week and my milk supply sky rocketed and I felt way better, but it was because I had bottles of water nearby, orange fanta, unlimited virgin pina coladas on tap, and teeny tiny coffee cups.  It could have just been the sunshine, but I really did start feeling better.  Then I got home and bam!  Headache city again.  And my lips are so dry I have cracks and sores.  ewww, right?

So today before 7am I already had 16oz of water down the hatch.  Then 32oz before breakfast!  By late afternoon I was starting to feel thirsty (I’m very rarely thirsty) and I had already drank like 4 days worth of my normal fluid intake.  Craziness.  I’m a little excited to see what a month of healthy fluid intake could mean.  I took my before photo about 10 times and still couldn’t come up with something that showed the state of my skin, but that my pride could handle sharing.  So unless the afters are incredibly dramatic, you’ll have to just observe my glowing skin in person, ok?  🙂

The only foreseeable problem is that I forgot to buy toilet paper today when I got groceries and there is only one roll left in the house.  But on the plus side I only went pee like 800 times today.  And I’m probably only exaggerating by 700.  It was record breaking, I’m sure.

The aforementioned new friend also listed off some other great disciplines, like getting up early before the kids, reading the Bible every day, going to bed early at night, and we had a lovely chat about how mature Christians know that Spiritual Disciplines are key and that there is no trick, you just have to actually DO THEM.  And I heartily agreed all the while the word HYPOCRITE must have been flashing across my forehead.  I used to be on top of some of those.  When did I lose my way and give in to the chaos?  Argh.

Ok, it’s late.  I’ll have to organize some Cuba pictures soon for another post.

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