So last week I found myself on the beach in Cuba. Nothing short of a precious blessing from the Lord to have that week of sunshine in the middle of a very cold winter.

The resort we were staying at had 5 pools that descended over 7 stories with the waterfalls between, and overlooked the ocean down at the bottom. Was very nice to say the least! Our kids are little fish and just swam, swam, swam all day every day, even in the rain!IMG_1146IMG_1041IMG_1186

That last picture was of Adelaide after she became used to the pool, her first dip wasn’t quite as happy! I think she was intimidated by the large pool and cool water. This is her disapproving look after putting her toes in the first time.


This is all out of order now, so I’ll go back to the beginning and post a few pictures!
At Toronto checking in! We went with some new friends from church, the Parker family.
These pictures are when we arrived in Holguin, Cuba. Tired, but WARM!


The girls didn’t waste long in finding their favourite haunt, the bar! Who can blame them with unlimited slushies on tap?!

Breakfast in Cuba looked a lot like this everyday:

Healthy, healthy. Oh look, he added some cucumbers to his breakfast fries. (eye roll)



It’s blurry, because no matter that she spends 99% of her days with a big smile on her face, its impossible to capture on camera! But its so cute! IMG_1124
She’s so social and happy to be with people that sharing a room meant she needed lots of extra snuggles to help fall asleep.
I didn’t mind one bit. 🙂 Though she is somewhat addicted to the snuggles now.

On Sunday we had the enormous pleasure of attending Harvest Holguin and spending the day at Pastor Rafael’s house with his family. Such a wonderful and warm group of people! And such a precious opportunity to meet the people I’ve heard so much about. Jon has been connecting with them to help support their church plant, and has visited several times (and is back there right now actually!).

At Pastor Rafael’s house

Worshipping together


Little friends, language differences being irrelevant. 🙂

My little girlie with the gift giving love language was so thrilled to share her present with Alex, Pastor Rafael’s daughter.
I love this picture of the girls.
One of the girls brought over a pet turtle.
All I could see was the salmonella he was probably covered in, and it didn’t take the kids long to discover that I am very uncomfortable in close proximity to little critters like that, which of course didn’t make them want to keep him away from me.
He had quite an eventful day with all those girls mauling him. He even tried to fly (was dropped out a second story window- thankfully not by my child!!!!).


Was hard to say goodbye and come home!
But wonderful that we were all able to forge new friendships and enjoy such a refreshing time away!

So much more to say- but I just want to get these pictures up and then enjoy a nice cup of tea and some tv while I fall asleep! 5 more sleeps until Jon is back home again!

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  • Reply Leanne February 19, 2015 at 11:53 am

    I loved these pictures!! Looks like a dream family vacation 🙂 (does despising turtles run in the family?? lol)

  • Reply Debbie February 19, 2015 at 2:21 pm

    Oh Christa, Those pictures! They bring me back. We loved Cuba. I thought it was so beautiful, and all the people we met were so wonderful.

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