I love her, but…


I found these notes stuck to Juno’s fan (she sleeps with it blowing directly in her face, so it’s the first thing she would see upon waking).  The writing was her brother’s, so I asked him about the notes.  He is usually not the most free with his feelings (understatement).  He looked a little flustered and said, “well, I DO love her, but she does make me crazy a lot.”  Bless my boy, he comes by his stunted emotional expression naturally.

Blueberry beard.

2 more top teeth are about to burst through, so I’ve been trying to capture a good grin with the 4 she has now. Almost got it. You have to see her cheeky smile in person to really appreciate it. Gosh, Every inch of this child is edible. She giggles when her daddy comes home because she is so excited to see him. She giggles when she sees her favourite blanket at nap time because she is so excited to see it. She giggles when she hears anyone else laugh, because it’s just so lovely to laugh apparently.
The only thing neither of us laugh at are middle of the night bouts of teething. So as much as I ache at the thought of her smile getting even more grown up– come on teeth.

And now in un-Adelaide related news- I have found a new podcast I really like. It’s called Stuff you Missed in History Class and it seems to have been going on now for years. They put out 2 new podcasts a week discussing historical people and events. It’s fascinating! They aren’t all safe for little ones, but it’s reasonably easy to figure out which will be ok, and they also do have warnings before the more colourful episodes. Staying at home all day with children, I find myself hungry for adult voices and information. Ive listened to sermons and Christian radio online for years, but for some reason never even thought to check for other podcasts. And there really is only so many sermons you can listen to in a day. I’d love more suggestions if you have one you love! I really enjoy listening and learning while I cook, clean, bathe… you name it. Much easier than trying to read while doing any of the above, which of course I’ve tried- many times! 🙂

Back to Adelaide now. 🙂 She’s been looking so much like her brother these days that I had to dig out a picture to compare both of them at around the same age.

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