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I wanna talk about me

Wanna talk about I
Wanna talk about number one
Oh my me my
What I think, what I like, what I know, what I want, what I see
I like talking about you you you you, usually, but occasionally
I wanna talk about meeeeee

Oops sorry. I got a little carried away! 🙂 Every time I hear that Toby Keith song I think of my bestest Lexie… and it ALWAYS makes me smile.

Anyway! I wanted to show off my newest splurge!

Aren’t they wonderful?! For years every time I see someone in black Converse sneakers I fall a little more in love. They are cute brand spanking new or worn and well loved to pieces. I have no idea why I never clued in that I could own a pair of my very own, but I never did. The other day I was drooling over my little sister’s and I just decided. I WOULD own a pair. Soon. Then I happily remembered a White Oaks mall gift card I still had from Christmas, called to check the balance, and discovered I had just enough! (3 dollars and change to spare actually!)
Here’s something I hoped I wouldn’t have to say for another few years at least…

They make me feel YOUNG.

haha… oh trauma.
They also make me feel like I have the smallest feet in the world. I bought 7 1/2 size shoes! I guess they are unisex so the sizes are a little off, but perhaps because I idolize my tiny mother as the model of what a woman should be, and I am NOT that, having a 7 1/2 size pair of shoes fit makes me extra happy. I’m sure every time I put them on I will pleasantly recall their size and smile. That alone makes them worth the purchase. Plus, they were such a fun splurge. I usually buy clothes with cost and need in mind (not that I don’t like my clothes, but they are chosen out of practicality). I didn’t need Converse running shoes. But I LOVE them.

And just in case you didn’t have enough of my neurosis for one day…
What is this picture about you ask? Well, I was checking my profile for chin fat. Jon took some shots of me cutting Juno’s hair the other day and what I saw when I loaded them on the computer was traumatizing! It was chin city! Thank goodness for Photo Booth on my lovely iMac though, it confirmed that yes, in certain angles I really do have some extra chins. But as long as I keep my head up it’s not TOO bad yet.  I’m somewhat relieved anyway.  I’ve always had jowly cheeks, so it was a valid concern I think. 🙂

And yes, in the background you can see what I SHOULD be doing right now while the kids are napping, picking up (although taking pictures of my chins and new sneakers is much more fun).   Best get too it actually.  I have a hot date tonight and don’t want to leave this sty for the sitter.


Bye Bye Facebook

I just deactivated my facebook account seconds ago. It felt really momentous. Immediately, I wanted to update my status to announce that I had officially removed facebook from my bookmarks bar, but of course, no status to update. Weird.

But good weird. I will have to revamp all my daily routines and learn how to live without knowing what everyone else is doing all the time. Like right now… I’m turning off the computer and taking the kids to the park.